"Marsh and Snow"

The combination of snow cover and weeds created a rhythmic pattern of darks and lights dancing through the landscape….

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"Underhill Swamp"

This painting was done during the Jehrico (VT) Plein Air Festival on July 16, 2016.  The morning was quite overcast so there was little in the way of light and shadow…

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"Sun and Rain"

It’s like winter again!

A beautiful afternoon turned stormy just as I headed out to do some painting.  I was expecting to be painting outside, but ended up painting “du siege avant” – just like winter time.

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"Setting Sun"

This one really is just light and landscape.

Painting what the sun leaves behind is often what en plein air painting is all about. Usually what’s left behind is something like this – long trails of alternating light, shade and shadow.

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